Why is Hiring a Tree Service with TRAQ so Important

Diseased or a dying tree always poses a risk to the site. Again if the problem is in the roots, get ready for some bigger problems. They may grow over properties, structures, and boundary walls. So, to avoid that, you need a tree risk assessment by default. 

Once your local tree service agrees to the assessment, then you may proceed with your further plans. You’re probably wondering “what’s so great about it, I can assess it too. Can’t they just start the work as I ask?”. 

Yes, you can find some beetles in your tree, some sick yellow leaves. But, it’s different with the professionals. A TRAQ-certified tree service is good for many reasons. First, let’s find out what exactly are they.

What is Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)?

If you know driving, you probably check around the road before starting your car. Similarly, TRAQ-certified arborists assess a tree and the situation around it before removing it. You’re probably thinking, “what so great in there, I can do that too”. 

Well, you can, but these tree services are certified for that. They need to pass through a test with 100 challenging questions after a 2-day course. For example, they learn the rules to quantify multiple factors like tree weight, species, structure, lean, impact from pests, soil conditions, wind forces, etc. 

In fact, they’d clearly explain each of the factors of your tree in the simplest way. So, even when you are looking for an emergency tree service, checking TRAQ is so important. 📌

🌳 Tree Risk Assessment is influenced by 👇

✅ Risk Perception
✅ Risk Acceptance
✅ Professional Bias

Reasons why hiring a TRAQ in a tree service is important

You can be confident

A TRAQ-certified arborist can confidently handle a risky situation. On the other hand, if you hire an uncertified one, get ready to hear, “the area is too tight, so anything can happen during the job”. 

Instead, when an arborist confidently says that there are very low chances of risk, you are at peace. You can now rest easier until they handle your tee. We won’t say that there won’t be any mistakes. But, we assure you that there’d be least mistakes and sure not as that of a nightmare. 

Tree Soldiers’ arborists start with treatment only after assessing your tree. This way, we keep you away from any injury or financial damage.

You’ll have legal protection

As said earlier, a TRAQ-certified arborist will always say that the job isn’t that risky. Hence, the same would be written in their report as well. So, in case there’d be an unintentional accident and legal protection lures in, you’re safe. It’d help you in dealing with the lawyers and claiming your insurance very well. 

By the way, you cannot imagine the same with a casual mouth–to-mouth tree risk assessment plan. On trials you may have to say, “they said there’s no risk before the accident”. What about if they ask for evidence? 

How to identify a fake arborist? 👇
No license No insurance

You get precise tree treatments

Have you come across “so-called” arborists who want to remove a not-so-sick tree? Well, there’s plenty of them out there. Some may suggest tree removal because they will get more money. While others do not really know the exact treatment your tree needs. 

A tree risk assessment helps in identifying a minimal threat. When you hire a certified professional, they can reduce the risk of your sick tree. Yes, it will be done without actually removing your tree. So, it can be saving your tree from death. 

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification can save the following kind of tree situations:
  • A storm-damaged tree
  • A fire-damaged tree
  • A severely pest-infested tree 
Wondering how they’d do it? Check this:
  • By using a target pruning method.
  • By using a real fungicide treatment.
  • By saving as many branches as they can.

They climb less

When you need tree removal, you probably wonder about the time that’d take. Climbing up there and cutting off each branch one by one would take a lot of time. But if you hire a TRAQ arborist they’d perfectly calculate to quantify the risk. Any failure points will be tracked right away.

Since they can calculate the timing without a climbing process, you’d save money. In fact, even in situations where they’d need climbing, you can assure safety. For example, you do not have to worry about them using spikes and harming your tree for worse. 

No second guessing about the risks would be allowed when our professionals handle a tree removal or treatment for you. 

They would constantly communicate

Certified TRAQ arborists always takes communications seriously. Mostly, while handling trees in hardly accessible areas, communication is a very important factor. A certified arborist Rochester NY would always have the necessary tools of communication. 

With us, you can be confident about the treatment because of our communication tools. You do not have to worry about things getting messed up due to unclear communication. 

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification is so genuine that a TRAQ arborist, 5 years later from now would recognize an assessment done by a different TRAQ arborist now.

All of our professionals have passed this assessment and we confirm to let you off of any risks.

TRAQ is not something you only need before a tree service. In fact, we recommend you to have a tree risk assessment every now and then.  You may feel like your tree is well and fine as it looks and not spend money uselessly. But, a simple pest infection might end up severe enough to kill your tree.

Get your tree risk assessment from Tree Soldiers

As your local tree service in Rochester NY, we care for trees professionally. We are very serious about the treatment profiles and requirements. However, while saving you and your property from risk, we always make sure to lessen your expenses. 

Call us for a tree risk assessment!

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