What you need to know

A tree on your property may have fallen recently or been professionally removed. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your tree’s lives. Rather than sending your tree to the landfill – repurpose, and recycle your beloved tree with Tree Soldiers.

At Tree Soldiers Rochester, we understand that trees can harbor many memories for your family. That’s why we extend innovative ways for repurposed wood services. Our professional and talented arborists will help you find a valuable purpose or use the wood of your tree(s).

All the trees and wood by-products from your property will be repurposed into high-quality mulch for your garden. Or we can reuse the wood to make fine firewood or furniture. Utilize parts of your removed tree strategically with our repurposed wood services!


Why Choose Us?

Process your wood for future use after cutting down your trees with us. A key focus of Tree Soldiers Rochester’ tree services is sustainability. We are committed to repurposing and recycling all the trees we remove. We chop up the wood into small parts and make them into firewood or mulch. Get expert and innovative repurposed wood services from us!

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