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Pair your tree cutting service with our top-grade Magni rotating telehandler to get the utmost safety and efficiency in tree removal.  Prior to our Magni telehandler tree services, our arborists had to climb a tree and attach a sling to the section of the tree that would be cut. Once the piece was cut, its weight and momentum caused it to swing as it was lowered to the ground.

But with the Magni telehandler, once our arborists grab a piece of wood, they’re assured it’s stable. This brings zero mess-ups in your tree removal work. During lifting, the Magni sits solidly on any scissor-type stabilizer.

Our Magni rotating telehandler is also compatible with several tree cutting attachments – forks, buckets, man baskets, and more. With the Magni telehandler, complete your tree removal work five times faster than the standard bucket-truck operations.


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Whether you’re looking for routine tree removal services or assistance after a storm, Tree Soldiers Rochester can help. From the initial proposal request to the final clean-up, we assure you of exceptional Magni telehandler tree services. Fully licensed and insured, our expert tree care arborists can truly bring out the best maintenance for your trees. We guarantee you nothing but high-quality tree care work and superior customer service. Hire our expert crew!

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