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Keep your home , property and fruit trees safe from the attack of cut but harmful squirrels with Tree Soldiers Rochester squirrel protection services. We offer effective and safe eradication of squirrels from your property with solutions that you can’t deny. By blocking any access holes for them, we prevent them from invading your home and destroying interiors. Once we chase squirrels away, our bespoke treatment prevents them from returning to your property. Our process of squirrel protection is followed only after a thorough survey of your property to find their favorite spots. Through effective niches, we are able to completely eliminate this source of frustration and hazard risk from your property within a few days. Your nearest tree limbs and branches will be trimmed to prevent squirrels from hopping over to your house through the entrances.


Why Choose Us?

Tree Soldiers Rochester’ squirrel protection professionals are certified, trained, and experienced in the job. We would find each and every entry point and find any babies or nests so that no problem is detected further. We have advanced tools to easily access your roof for the complete exclusion of squirrels from your property for good. Moreover, we ensure no harm to no humans nor animals in the process.

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