Essential Points you must Know about a Certified Tree Arborist
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βœ” A professional tree service arborist is just like a doctor
βœ” Hiring a certified arborist in Rochester costs about $250 to $2,500
βœ” Only 56% of the professional tree services have a certified arborist 
  Rochester NY in their team

Need help trimming the branches of your palm tree or clearing away a storm-fallen tree? Then, all you need is a certified arborist from a reputed tree service in Rochester NY.

These tree experts have the skills and expertise to care for trees at any stage. From tiny saplings to 100-year-old gigantic trees – they can efficiently maintain all.Β 

But who is a certified arborist really? What exact services do they provide? What qualifications do they have? How much do they charge for a professional tree service?

Below, there’s everything you must know about certified tree arborists. Check them out!

Here, we’ll cover:

  • Who is a certified arborist?
  • Do all arborists have certifications?
  • Why should you hire arborists for your tree care work?
  • What tree services does a certified arborist provide?
  • Cost to hire a certified arborist

Who Is A Certified Arborist?

Arborists are professionals that study and maintain trees. Think of a certified arborist as a tree specialist/ doctor. These professional tree service specialists are well-trained on ways to care for trees – from planting them to growing them to removing them.

An arborist doesn’t always need a certification to conduct professional tree service. But having a certification is always better – it is a mark of authenticity and excellent tree care work.
Popular certifications that an arborist must carry are from:

  • The International Society Of Arboriculture (ISA)
  • Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
  • Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP)

Professional tree service is a lucrative and fast-growing business. This has attracted several people into this field including some β€œself-trained” tree warriors. So, make sure you check your hired arborist has a valid certification. There is a great difference between a certified arborist and an arborist with a diploma.

Why Should You Hire Arborists For Your Tree Care Work?

  • Tree Care Is a Skill Demanding Job

Professional tree service may seem like a simple job. You must have seen several DIY tree care videos on YouTube.

But in reality, tree maintenance is a highly-skill demanding profession. From knowledge of tree species to the best practices in tree management, there are dozens of things that only a certified arborist is equipped at.

  • Arborists Know About Trees

Different tree species need to be cared for differently.Β Β 

A certified arborist has extensive knowledge in the science of tree care and management. They understand the tree’s inherent characteristics and the kind of care they need. This separates them from local handymen who picked up a chainsaw merely as a hobby.

  • Arborists Carry The Right Equipment

You can’t just carry out professional tree service work with merely a chainsaw. There are a host of other cutting-edge tools and equipment that you need for an efficient job.Β 

These are the tools that you would rarely have in handy. But a certified arborist has all of these right tree care tools.Β 

What Tree Services Does A Certified Arborist Provide?

As we have mentioned, arborists are professional tree service specialists. They can carry out a number of tasks for your trees depending on your needs. Here, let’s look at some of the services an arborist provides –

  • Professional Tree Pruning

Qualified arborists are aware of the correct type of pruning required to maintain or improve your trees. With the right trimming technique, they can boost the health, safety, and appearance of trees. They know how to trim different tree species to ensure their best possible growth.

A professional tree service arborist may trim trees for the following reasons:

βœ… Remove tree branches that rub each other

βœ… Cutting branches that rub with wires, roofs, gutters, or windows

βœ… Trimming branches that obstruct sidewalks or streets

βœ… Getting rid of weak or dead limbs that are a risk to people or property

βœ… Cutting diseased or infected portions of trees

βœ… Reducing chances of storm damage

βœ… Thinning to improve light penetration in trees

  • Tree Cutting Service

Eliminating a tree is the last resort certified arborists adopt to save surrounding plants. They inspect the trees and determine if removal is the only feasible option.Β 

If you need to remove a tree from your property, these professionals can complete the job efficiently and with utmost vigilance. An expert arborist typically recommends tree removal for the following cases:

βœ… Getting rid of dead or dying trees

βœ… Removing hazardous trees from the property

βœ… Cutting trees that are an obstruction despite trimming them

βœ… Reducing chances of damage due to crowding

  • Planting New Trees

In addition to trimming and removal, these professionals can also recommend appropriate species to plant on your property. They do this byΒ  considering your specific location and climatic conditions.

The professional tree service arborist can help you have a beautiful yard with the right trees. They suggest suitable locations to plant the tree to ensure the availability of sunlight, water, and nutrients.Β 

These specialists also know about preventative maintenance to ensure your trees grow healthy and strong. This includes:

βœ… Mulching

βœ… Fertilization

βœ… Aeration

βœ… Cabling and bracing

βœ… Insect and disease prevention

Cost To Hire A Certified Arborist

Hiring a certified arborist in Rochester costs anywhere between $250 to $2,500. The size and location of your trees will have an impact on this price.

Trimming small trees can cost as low as $65, plus $20 to $100 for clean-up. While large tree cutting may cost about $1,800 or more.

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